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Home Watch Is:


Home watch services, scheduled at regular intervals, are customized to each property. Each visit includes a physical walk through and inspection of the outside of the property checking for damage, erosion, landscape, fence and watering system and making sure the home seems lived in.  Inside visual inspections include all water sources, doors and windows, appliances, HVAC /AC system, and more depending on agreement between home watch company and homeowner.  

Home Watch Is NOT:

  • A home watch professional is not a house sitter or a pet sitter.  We do not stay in your house, and do not take responsibility for the care of your pets.

  • Home watch is different than a home inspection. Home inspectors look at the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible.  They then make notes and recommendations to improve the health and safety issues in the home.


I have alarms and notifications sent to me while I'm away

        That is great! But, we all know that technology can fail. What happens when your modem or power goes out?

My Neighbors said they would keep an eye on my house.

Friends and neighbors have great intentions, but we all know they get busy with their own schedule.

In the case that something happens

If an event happens where your toilet runs or leaks for an extended length of time, causing flooding while you are away, who will coordinate service professionals for immediate clean-up and remediation without you having to return home?

Did I turn off the…?

                                     Did you lock the... ?

Everyone has those thoughts as they head out out of town, but usually not until we are hours into our trip.


  NOCO Homewatch’s initial visit happens within 24 hours of property vacancy. 


This first walk through makes sure to address details such as checking security of all doors and windows, emptying refrigerator, ensuring garbage is out of the house and all small appliances are unplugged.  


Expecting a delivery or service while you are gone?


  Let your home watch professional know, and we will take care of it!

Communication is key!

 A detailed report, complete with photos, is sent to the homeowner after every visit. If an immediate concern is noted, we will call you, and come up with a plan of action. Your NOCO Homewatch professional will coordinate service providers to address the concern, and be available to give them access to the home at the appointment time, and arrange to stay for the length of time required.


  • Ensure security system is functioning

  • Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms

  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats

  • Check for vandalism

  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation

  • Check for water leaks

  • Run water in sinks and baths – check under sinks

  • Flush stagnant water in toilets

  • Run garbage disposal

  • Check appliances (cycle dishwasher & washing machine monthly)

  • Check windows and doors

  • Check lights and fans

  • Check breaker box

  • Check water heater/water system

  • Inspect air filter(s)

  • Change timers on lights

Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Modern House


  • Remove junk mail, fliers, and newspapers from mailbox and front door

  • Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and weeds

  • Monitor landscaping

  • Perform visual inspection of siding, roof, and gutters for obvious issues

  • Check for drainage issues

  • Check doors and windows for signs of break-in

  • Inspect for vandalism

  • Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence

  • Check exterior lighting

  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues

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